Minions Characters

Main characters

The offender Grew (voice actor – Steve Carell) – a strong, smart, big, quick-tempered, but a serious protagonist of the franchise. He speaks English with a noticeable Russian accent (but in an interview stated that he is – a Mexican, a native of New Mexico), the guardian of Agnes, Margo and Edith boss minions. At the start of the original film of the series, Gru – an ambitious criminal, rejoicing only private theft, but taking the three girls into care makes him become more emotional and realize that life – is not only the glory and respect.

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Minions in the Despicable Me – Review

«Despicable Me» – the American animated film production «Illuminations Entertainment» and «Universal Pictures» 2010. July 9, 2010 was first seen in US theaters. The first film Illuminations Entertainment, created by the studio Mac Guff (property Illuminations Entertainment). The film was made by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud based on stories by Sergio Pablos. The film tells the story of how the super-villain takes away from the orphanage three girls to carry out his ambitious plan: his opponent – Vector – could reduce and steal the Pyramids of Giza, and Gro planned something more – he wants to steal the moon from orbit.

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The film about the Minions

The film showed us a lot about the minions, but there are those things that the answer has not been found, for example, they wear glasses. Yes, all minions really wear glasses before, when they had not even been invented minions used devices, vaguely reminiscent of points they made them one of those materials that could be found in nature, so these glasses performed rather decorative function. There is another important question: why do some minions have one eye, and some – two. As it turned out in the course of evolution – is unknown. Moreover, they can not live without the work that they have to provide a super-villain. But minions may do good there, no one obeyed. Why are they subservient to someone? It had remained unclear.

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Who are they?

Minions like corn kernels: they are the same yellow and similar forms. They have one or two huge eyes, strange clothes and incredibly funny character. Their whole life – is to help the boss, which must be a villain. They – incompetent egoists who are easily distracted from work. Perhaps this – the main reason why they lose their jobs (with the bosses). They grow or 2 or 3 feet (typically – 2). Their language – it’s gibberish, intelligible only to a few people who have to communicate with them for a long time.

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Minions – Critical response

Undoubtedly, “Minions” have been well accepted by the audience, but the professionals evaluated more critically cartoon. At the largest-aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes «Minions» were rated 54% based on 110 reviews and an average recall of 5.9 \ 10. Feedback on the site says: “The film is based on a bright brand minions and madness, but the creators wanted to get too a source of additional income, so forget distribute the jokes on the entire length of the cartoon.” Metacritic gave the cartoon review 58 \ 100, based on the “mixed or medium reviews” 28 critics.

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More minions – more problems

Skilful marketing and brilliant idea did their job: brand minions began to cost billions of dollars, and the characters themselves have become almost living legends. Of course, the filmmakers did not give up a good source of money and created a new part of the cartoon, and after it – one more cartoon spin-off about the whole minions. This – a prequel, and he shows us all the way from single-celled organisms minions to ingenious workers at these super-villains.

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Funny Minions

Minions – the guys are very steep, but cartoons and their participation had been taken ambiguously: parents are happy to watch it, but at the same time will be planted with their children. Only here the children will likely not like a cartoon: a normal child does not survive and a half. These minions sweet and naive, but it contains many of vanilla, the author turned «Minions» after watching only 4 minutes because he could not observe the usual cheerful and funny yellow creatures talked very seriously (if you can call it that) with each other, and for all this time, in their words not slipped any jokes.

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Minions – Kevin Stewart and Bob

A few words about those who actually waited on the great villains.

Err, if we talk about the movie, of course. Small yellow creation of «Minions» similar, perhaps, to a very large corn kernels from one or two big eyes. Currently, these funny characters were involved in the cartoons «Despicable Me» and «Despicable Me 2″. With their images are produced different notebooks, books, video games.

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